Monday, March 23, 2020

Attention Race Fans!

Attention Race Fans!
We regret to announce that we will be canceling the event scheduled for April 4th.  Please understand that we are doing everything we can to serve our drivers and fans while at the same time adhering to CDC guidelines and request from state and federal governments to refrain from holding gatherings with over ten people.  Our next event will be May 16th. We will continue to update everyone if this changes. We are heartbroken to have to do this but we also have to follow the local and state government officials orders.We want everyone to stay safe and protect yourself and family during this time. Pray for our country!

We are diligently working as we speak to reschedule this event. Please stay tuned to our website and facebook.

Monday, March 16, 2020


Results 3/14/2020

Late Model ( pending tire samples results)
Rhett Carter
Ryan Carter
Jason Fitzgerald
Kelly Walker
Bo Allen
Joe Kump
Hunter Carter
Jonah Bozeman
Robbie Cowart
Jim Rogers
Scott Johnson
Zach Lloyd

Donnie Durrance
Chris Keller Jr
Scott Crews
Carl Singletary
Mac Williams
Billy Benefield

Bud Chancey
Dylan Browning
John Lester
Nick Kirkus
Matt Oxford
Dillon Turner
Makayla Tyrell

Tyler Boyette
Jonathan Rowe
Bud Chancey
John Carlino
Chad Dishman
William Fisher
Chris Keller Jr
Ron Adams
Josh Ryan
Daron Bailey
James Sandusky
Henry Lanier
Trevor Kondors
Jamie Flowers
Roland Benton
John Drummond
Mason Pair
Tristin Kinchen
Jason McMillan
Brad Kinchen

Street Stock
Chris Keller Jr
Bud Chancey
Joe Linville
Jamie Flowers
Wayne Gilmore
Hannah Keller
Clayton Ruth

Limited/602 ( pending tire sample results)
Scott Waters
Nick Kirkus
Jackson Wise
Steven Bryant
Shane Taylor
Brant Whitley
Caleb Payne
Garrett Bullington
John Strickland
Megan Grant
Russell Waters
Shawn Taylor
Brandon Stone
Andy Dixon
Troy Walker
Gage Griffin
Travis Grant
Trey Mills
Bruce Collins
Richard Jeffers Jr
Bum Nelson
Matt Broadway
Pratt Cooper DQ

Thursday, March 12, 2020

All Cars

All cars must run roofs this weekend. We have gotten several calls about it.