Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Next event: Clayton Homes Presents Shootout Round # 1 March 23

2019 Borderline Brawl

Good afternoon! Thanks everyone for the support of the 3rd running of the Borderline Brawl! It was a huge success! None of it would have been possible without the support of drivers, fans and workers! Thanks again!

We also want to thank everyone from Mattie’s Mission for coming out! They received lots of toys for the toy drive and raised money for childhood cancer.

Special thanks to Leo Johnson, Dale Hall, and Joe Kelly for the work they put into promoting this prestigious event!

Congrats to Dustin Turnage Sr for winning the Pace Performance 602 motor!

Late Model: (pending tire sample results)
Kelly Walker
Chad Tuten
Michael Lloyd
Henry Carter
Andy Purvis
John Baker
Gaige Griffin
Hunter Carter
Rhett Carter
Garrett Lloyd
Robert Gast

Brawl: (pending tire sample results)
Joe Belky
Jason Floyd
Michael Tovet
Kevin Durden
Brandon Elwood
Shane Taylor
Joey Miller
Brian Grantham
Bud Chauncey
Jordan Lockhart
Kyle Livingood
Bradley Frakes
Karl Williard
Chris Keller Jr
Billy Ammons
Hayden McCormick
Jason Price
Daron Bailey
Ron Adams
David Showers Jr.
Dustin Turnage Sr
Curt Spencer
William Fisher
Jason Gamble
Tyler Sanders
David Showers Sr
Houston Heatter
Joey Haslauer
Scott Crews
Luke Scott
Russell Waters

Monday, January 28, 2019