Friday, November 13, 2020

Super Street Meeting Held

 Superstreet meeting:

In the meeting last night we discussed allowing the round tube chassis in Superstreet. Several drivers had come to us requesting this change due to the old limited stock clip cars being available . The current rule book stated 2x2 or 2x3 square tubing. This will allow the cars that are no longer racing to go back to Superstreet. This is the only change. You must comply to all other Superstreet rules. No quick change rearends must be 9in Ford.
Running of a Bert/brinn style transmission is permitted with a weight of 3200.
For the events December 12 & January 9 we are allowing street stock to run with Superstreet class. Street stock must be by Crate Racin USA rules! Street stock has the option of running h500 or m100 tire. This is a trial only. No weight breaks will be given for safety equipment. The combining of these 2 classes for these events will also carry a higher purse throughout the field.