Friday, May 11, 2018

Enduro Class

Attention Enduro drivers:

All drivers will draw for heat starting position. We will run a minimum of 3 heat races.( if car count allows) We will lock in the top 8 from each heat to transfer to the A main. The cars not transferring to A main will run a B-main if needed.

There will be a strict 12 minute time limit per heat. Each heat will be 8 laps. (Unless time limit has expired)

A-main Payout
1. 710
2. 260
3. 210
4. 160
5. 135
6. 130
7. 130
8. 120
9. 120
10. 120
11. 120
12. 110
13. 110
14. 110
15. 110
16. 45
17. 45
18. 45
19. 45
20. 45
21. 45
22. 45
23. 45
24. 45

B-Main Payout
1. 100
2. 60
3. 35
4. 35
6. 35

If the B-main is not needed $100 will be added to 2nd,3rd, & 4th for the A-main finishers.

The farthest driver to travel in enduro will receive $100

Hard Charger will receive $50

Feature will be 20 laps

Please make sure that you have read the rulebook and your cars are in compliance.

Attention. Due to the outpouring of support for the Enduro class, the payout purse is larger than ever. If you plan on running, make sure you read the WMS or GIS rule book for that class. Rules will be enforced based on those guidelines. You have to run those rule packages. No exceptions.

Attention Enduros:

Thanks to MD Towing/Mark Davis of Jacksonville... He has donated another $250 to be added to the enduro purse! It will be spread throughout the field.

Ductwork Specialist Daron Bailey has put up $100 to the enduro driver who travels the farthest to get to WMS.

Can’t Get Right Kennels/Holly Hill Fox Pen & Bo Scurry has donated $50 to the hard charger award in the enduro class on May 19th.

Grady Lloyd just added an additional $250 to enduro purse. Extra $ will be added to 11th,12th,13th,14th, and 15th position.

Mike Carter has added an additional $100 to the middle of the a-main purse!

Thanks to Hillbilly Motorsports for adding another $100 to the payout for enduro. (Not to the winner spread throughout the field)

Thanks to Leighton Ammons for adding another $200 to the payout for enduro. (Not to the winner spread throughout the field)

Chancey & Meyers Motorsports have just raised the enduro winner payout to $700 to win on May 19th!

Deep Dixie Racing Network and Leo Johnson have stepped up and raised the winner payout for Saturday May 19! $600 to win!! Thanks to Leo for his support of dirt track racing and WMS!

Thanks to Brantley Metal Recycling for putting up $50 for a tough break award in enduro!

Bill Duckworth Tire has sponsored the heat race winners for enduro class. $25 will go to winner of each heat!