Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 23- Enduro's Saturday Night Thunder

June 23 Enduro’s Saturday Night Thunder
Due to conflict in other racers schedules in all classes we have added June 23 as a rain out make up date. This is an attempt to help those who missed events due to rainouts we have had already this year and had a race on an non scheduled event date.
Attention ALL CLASSES: Now is your chance if your wanting to qualify for the end of the year showdown! This race will count towards eligibility for the showdown race! If you missed any events this is an opportunity to make it up!
Since this is not a shootout race will be have a different payout scale.
Late models- $1200
Limited- $600
Superstreet-$500 ( $100 added by Darlin & Dapper)
Street stock- $500 ( $100 added by Chancey & Meyers racing) EMOD- $400
440- $100
EMOD- $400
Shootout Race # 3 & #4 will be ran August 24 & August 25. Two separate shows one each night.
Remainder of 2018 schedule:
June 23 ( non shootout event)
August 24- Shootout round # 3
August 25- Shootout round # 4
September 15- Make up date if needed
September 22- Shootout round # 5
October 5-6 Showdown in the Swamp